Just a word of caution to our potential customers

Choosing the right contractor for your project can be a scary experience,
of some 


  • Contractors writing estimates on their business card.
    They do not offer a formal written proposal.
    Don't hire a contractor who asks, "How much were you planning to spend?" Guarantee the bid will come in just under, or over, your budget.
    Contractors without proper Pennsylvania licensing or proof of insurance.
    Contractors using sub-contractors to perform the actual work.
    Contractors asking for excessive down payment before construction is even started.
    Customers have the right to expect the benefits of free and open competition.  A fair bid reflects the cost of the job as well as the value of the qualifications of workmanship.  Avoid contractors that are purposely slow on submitting bids or insist on seeing competitive estimates before submitting their bid.  This unethical practice is done to gain information from the customer, as to what the other companies have listed, regarding materials and prices.   In return, they will either reduce their materials offered on their bid, stating they are not necessary or dropping the quality of workmanship and materials, to undercut competition to win the business contract. 
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